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New emergency care guidelines include dramatic changes to CPR and emphasis on chest compressions, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) oversees Ontario's workplace safety education and training system, provides disability benefits, monitors the quality of health care, and assists in early and safe return to work.

Regulations 101is the document that governs CPR and First Aid requirements in Ontario through WSIB. Click here for a complete PDF version o Regulation 1101

On Scene Rescue
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       We offer three levels of CPR certification as well as re-certification for each. Level A - Adult CPR, Level D - Child/Infant CPR, and Level C (BCLS), Adult/Child/Infant CPR. Each course is between 3-4 hours in duration.

       All CPR courses are through the Ontario Heart and Stroke Foundation. A wallet card will be issued upon completion. This is valid for 3 years but CPR skills should be renewed annually.

   Class size is 8 to 24 students. Custom classes are available.Individuals maybe able to get into an upcoming class.
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Copyright 2006 RSQ Emergency Tra

Copyright 2006 RSQ Emergency Training
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